“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit'”

Our daily commitment is to do things in the best possible way. The respect we have for our customers and our people requires us to offer excellent, uncompromising quality in both what we produce and the processes we employ.


The Anglo-Saxons would call it ontinuous improvement, we like to think that the quality of processes and products, the attention to health and safety in the workplace, the consideration of the needs of our people, the commitment to creating a functional, usable and beautiful workplace, represent essential milestones for Modula.

All this is determined by the continuous improvement actions that we constantly implement with the desire to position our brand among the excellences of manufacturing.


Respecting the rules, being inspired by shared principles and values: for us, this is synonymous with working ethically. The moral sphere combines with the managerial one, individual responsibilities with those of the company, and the professional sphere with the organisational one: the behaviour of the people who make up the organisation shapes and conforms the image of the company, which for us cannot fail to act as a model for society as well and as a lever for a better world.

Our Values

Modula and sustainability

Precisely by linking ourselves to the value of business ethics, we are fully aware of how important the environmental issue and the green agenda have become for the planet and humanity in general.

Operating in business no longer only means profit for us but also respect for values. This leads us to always want to combine financial results with the protection of social and environmental issues, thanks to the motivation that we all put in every day.

In the face of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have questioned ourselves on the impact that these goals have on our processes and decisions, always keeping in mind that our mission is to create products, such as automated warehouses, that can be adopted by any company of any size and product sector, anywhere in the world.

Our great challenge is to bring the theme of sustainability into production processes, with high technological content: making the best use of resources, avoiding waste, optimising activities, procuring clean energy, making shipments more efficient. We are aware that creating a sustainable future means much more than simply taking care of the environment.

Beyond our constant engagement with community and territory, which has always characterised our brand, we have set up a project to configure a sustainability programme for our company, involving not only our stakeholders, but also every single employee. We have set up internal training courses on the subject and created a small sustainability committee that will guide us in this challenging yet interesting revolution.

Our Values