Benefits of Modula automated vertical and horizontal warehouses

Modula automated vertical and horizontal warehousesimprove your logistics, warehouse management and organisation processes,increasing your productivity and flexibility.


The main advantage you will notice straight away is theoptimisation of the space you have available. When you store goods in a Modula automatic vertical warehouse, you can recover up to 90% of floor space.

Not only that, you alsosave significant amounts of time, as operators stay near the automatic warehouse with no need for them to move around to pick or refill goods.

The benefits of Modula warehouse automation technology also includeincreased security for your goods and increased safety for your operators. Access to the warehouses is only permitted to authorised operators, by means of advanced recognition systems.

Goods handling is facilitated by the ergonomic and functional structure of the warehouse.

In addition, by combining automatic vertical warehouses with warehouse management software (WMS), you canreduce errors and check the status of the warehouse and the goods stored there, in real time.

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