Modula Clean Room: the warehouse for clean rooms

The storage system for clean rooms

你与洁净室工作吗?需要优化control of the particles that enter your warehouse,to protect your products?

Modula清洁房间the storage system designed to operate inside clean rooms, designed to minimise the introduction, generation and maintenance of specific particles.

If your company operates in the field of semiconductors, products or equipment for hospitals, or in the chemical, electronics or pharmaceutical worlds, you will definitely be required to comply with quality standards for storage systems.

Modula Clean Room
ISO 14644
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To maintain the lowest quantity of particles in the air, a Modula Clean Room acts on two factors:

Whether storing sterile instruments for operating theatres, or components sensitive to dust in the production of semiconductors, Modula solutions for clean rooms offerconditions that comply with ISO 14644 and can meet classes 6, 7 and 8.

To maintain the lowest quantity of particles in the air, Modula Clean Room:

  • can operate inside clean rooms
  • does not compromise room class
  • can control the concentration of airborne particles
  • prevents contamination of the materials stored.
  • limits the dust produced by the warehouse when in operation
  • 再保险duces existing dust deposits inside the clean room, on the surface of the warehouse itself

Like all Lift technologies, the Modula Clean Room vertical warehouse consists of:

  • a sturdy supporting structure that houses and supports the trays
  • a motorised central elevator that moves the trays from their housing and transports them to operator height
  • one or more operator bays for the picking and refilling of materials

It can reach up to16 metres in heightand can have agross unit payload of 90,000 kg.

Modula清洁房间available in these models:

  • ME & ME-D
  • MA & MA-D
  • MC & MC-D
  • MX & MX-D
  • ML & ML-D
Modula Clean Room

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